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Romanization Conversion

Because Cantonese is a colloquial language, there is a lot of inconsistency on how to write it in Latin letters. For this site, we have developed our own Romanization, along with IPA-style tone symbols.

Kisa: Romanization used on this website (www.cantonese.ca)
IPA: International Phonetic Alphabet (Handbook of the International Phonetic Association)
Lau: Sidney Lau Cantonese Series
Yale: English-Cantonese in Yale Romanization
Jyutping: yüt6 pIng3 standardized by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong
CPB: Lonely Planet Cantonese Phrasebook


Kisa/IPA Lau Yale Jyutping CPB
1 1, o à, a macron 1à
2 2, * á2á
3 3 a3a macron
4 4 àh4a
5 5 áh5a double acute
6 6 ah6a double macron


KisaIPA Lau Yale Jyutping CPB
b p bbbb
p ph pppp
m mmmm m
f f ffff
d t dddd
t th tttt
l l l l ll
g k gggg
k kh kkkk
h h hhhh
dz ts jjzj
ts tsh chchcch
s s ssss
y j yyjy
w w wwww
gw kw gwgwgwgw
kw kwh kwkwkwkw


KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
aa:a a aa a
aia:iaai aai aai aai
aua:uaau aau aau aau
amamaam aam aam aam
ananaan aap aan aan
angangaang aang aang aang
apapaap aap aap aap
atataat aat aat aat
akakaak aak aak aak

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
Ai Aiai ai ai ai
AuAuau au au au
AmAam am am am
AnAnan an an an
AngAng ang ang ang ang
ApApap ap ap ap
AtAtat at at at
AkAkak ak ak ak

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
o O:oh o o oh
oiO:ioi oi oi oi
ououo ou ou o
onOnon on on on
ongOng ong ong ong ong
otOtot ot ot ot
okOkok ok ok ok

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
e E: e e e e
eieiei ei ei ei
euE:u    eu  
engEng eng eng eng eng
ekEkek ek ek ek

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
i i:i i i i
iui:uiu iu iu iu
imimim im im im
ininin in in in
IngIng ing ing ing ing
ipipip ip ip ip
ititit it it it
IkIkik ik ik ik

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
œoe:euh eu oe euh
öüyui eui eoi ui
önoenun eun eon un
œngoengeung eung oeng eung
ötoetut eut eot ut
œkoekeuk euk oek euk

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
u u:oo u u oo
uiu:iooi ui ui ooi
ununoon un un oon
UngUng ung ung ung ung
ututoot ut ut oot
UkUkuk uk uk uk

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
ü y:ue yu yu ue
ünynuen yun yun uen
ütytuet yut yut uet

KisaIPA Lau YaleJyutping CPB
m mm m m m
ng ngng ng ng ng

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