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Love, Dating and Relationships

See also Sex and Feelings.

love oi3
   be in love with
   fall in love with
boyfriend 男朋友 lam4 pAn4 yAu5
break up 分手 fAn1 sAu2    Lit. to separate hands
cheat on (somebody) döü3 (mAu3 yAn4) bAt1 dzUng1
darling wife 老婆 lou5 po4
date 去街 höü3 gai1    Lit. go out
female friend 女性朋友 löü5 sIng3 pAn4 yAu5
flirt with gai3
friend 朋友 pAn4 yAu5
girlfriend 女朋友 löü5 pAn4 yAu5
go out 去街 höü3 gai1
have a crush on 好鍾意  hou2 dzUng1 yi3    Lit. to like a lot
hubby 老工 lou5 gUng1
hug lam2
love letter tsIng4
make love 做愛 dzou6 oi3
male friend 男性朋友 lam4 sIng3 pAn4 yAu5
one-night stand
pick up


Can I buy you a drink?
Can I have your phone number?
Do I look fat in this dress?
I am starting to have feelings for you.
I'm having an affair.
I'm in love with her.
I'm seeing more than one girl.
I love you. 我愛你。 o5 oi3 lei5
I love your shoes.
I need more space.
Let's just be friends.
Me and my boyfriend are taking a break.
No thank you. I'm gay.
Things are moving too fast.
We need to talk.
We're just friends.
What are you doing tonight?
What is your e-mail?
You have very pretty eyes. 你對眼好靚。 lei5 döü3 an5 hou2 len3

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