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Idioms and Metaphors

Here are some commonly used idioms, metaphors and figurative expressions in Cantonese.

dai6 gAt1 lAi6 si6 knock on wood! (used after somebody says something unpleasant or undesirable)
Lit. big tangerines and money pockets (gifts used for good luck in the Chinese New Year)
döü3 Au4 tan4 kAm4 say something to somebody who cannot understand    Lit. play the lute before a cow
虎口    sUng3 yœng4 yAp6 fu2 hAu2   Lit. send a sheep into the mouth of a tiger
gong2 dzAu6 tin1 ha6 mou4 dIk6,
dzou6 dzAu6 mou4 lAn4 wAi4 lIk6
all talk and no action.

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