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Colours 顏色

Click on any Chinese word with a beige background to hear an audio sample.

  colour 顏色 an4 sIk1
beige 米色 mAi5 sIk1    Lit. rice colour
black 黑色 hAt1 sIk1 [mnemonic] a black huckleberry
blue 藍色 lam4 sIk1 [mnemonic] a lamb falling in blue paint
brown 啡色 fe1 sIk1 [mnemonic] coffee colour
bright sin1
bronze 古銅色 gu2 tUng4 sIk1
dark sAm1
flesh 肉色 yUk6 sIk1    Lit. meat colour
fluorescent 螢光 yIng4 gon1
gold 金色 gAm1 sIk1 [mnemonic] some gum is covering his gold tooth
green 綠色 lUk6 sIk1 [mnemonic] look! at all the green scenery
green-yellow 青色 tsen1 sIk1
grey 灰色 fui1 sIk1 [mnemonic] phooey! grey is boring
light tsin2
maroon 棗紅色 dzou2 hUng4 sIk1
orange 橙色 tsan2 sIk1 [mnemonic] Pat sang with an orange in her mouth
pink 粉紅色 fAn2 hUng4 sIk1 [mnemonic] pink is a fun shade of red
purple 紫色 dzi2 sIk1 [mnemonic] G (gee) is for Grape (purple)
red 紅色 hUng4 sIk1 [mnemonic] last words of bleeding person: "Who...? Nnggg..."
silver 銀色 An4 sIk1
transparent 透明 tAu3 mIng4
white 白色 bat6 sIk1 [mnemonic] his back was all white
yellow won4 sIk1 [mnemonic] Mr. Wong has yellow skin

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