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Noun Prefixes

a3 used with names and family members, denoting familiarity
fan2 anti-, counter-
hou2  -able, good to, -worthy
lan4 un...able, hard to, un...worthy
lou5 老  familiar term of address    Lit. old
m un-, non-, not
mou5 -less, without, not having
yAu5  having
yi6 easy to

Noun Suffixes

dei6 plural pronoun
dou6 degree, level, -ness
fat3 way, method, manner
ga1 -ist, specialist, professional, expert
gau3 religion, -ism
gei1 machine
hok6 field of study, -ology
dzAi2 male or genderless diminutive, little; boy's intimate names
dze2 -er, one who..., person who performs an action
dzü2 yi6  主義  -ism, ideology, principle
löü2 female diminutive, little; girl's intimate name
lou2 guy
po4 girl, lady
se5 organization, company
si1 -ist, -er, person who practices a profession (less specialized expertise than ga1)
sIng3 nature, quality, -ness

Verb Suffixes

fa3  化  -ize, -ify, creates a causative verb from a noun or adjective

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