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Sex 黃色字眼

Almost all words listed here are slang, and many are vulgar. See also Love, Dating and Relationships, Slang, Swearing, Body, and STDs.

asshole屎眼 si2 an5 (anus)    Lit. shit eye/hole
bisexual 男女都鍾意  lam4 löü5 dou1 dzUng1 yi3 (to like both men and women)
blow job吹簫 tsöü1 siu1    Lit. play the flute
boobs bo1    Lit. balls
breasts hUng1
butch男人婆 lam4 yAn4 po4 (masculine woman)
carpet muncher 磨豆腐 mo4 dAu6 fu6    Lit. to grind tofu (which produces liquid, graphic imagery for lesbian sex)
se6 ye5    Lit. shoot stuff
se6 dzIng1    Lit. shoot energy
condom (避孕)套 (bei6 yAn6) tou3
crossdresser 異裝好者 yi6 dzon1 hou3 dze2
crossdress 反串 fan2 tsün3 (special term used only for movie or TV actors, e.g. Mrs. Doubtfire)
cum精液 dzIng1 yIk6 (sperm)    Lit. energy juice
cunt hAi1
dick lAn2
   horny bastard 
ham4 sAp1    Lit. salty and wet
ham4 sAp1 lou2
drag king 扮裝皇帝 ban6 dzon1 won4 dAi3 (woman who dresses as a man for a performance)
drag queen 扮裝皇后 ban6 dzon1 won4 hAu6
dyke 基婆 gei1 po4
fag死基佬 sei2 gei1 lou2 (derogatory)
flat-chested chick  飛機場 fei1 gei1 tsœng4    Lit. airport
fuck扑嘢 bok1 ye5
gay gei1
gay guy基佬
gei1 lou2
tUng4 dzi3    Lit. comrade (term used among gays)
   to be gay 搞基 gau2 gei1
go down on 食佢條 sIk6 köü5 tiu5 hAi1    Lit. eat her cunt (cunnilingus)
grope gau2
hard on扯旗 tse2 kei4    Lit. raised flag
hickey 咖哩雞 ga3 lei1 gai1    Lit. curry chicken
hooker gAi1    Lit. chicken
jerk off打飛機   da2 fei1 gei1    Lit. to shoot airplaines (cocking motion of early anti-aircraft artillery)
lesbian 基婆 gei1 po4
lick lem2
make love做愛 dzou6 oi3
nibble au5
orgasm高潮 gou1 tsiu4    Lit. high tide
porn sam1 kAp1 ye5
   porno mag 鹹書 ham41    Lit. salty book
   porno movie 鹹片 ham4 pin2    Lit. salty movie
sam1 kAp1 pin2    Lit. third grade movie (adult rating)
   to surf for porn 睇鹹網 tAi2 ham4 mon5 (Internet)
prostitute, female gAi1    Lit. chicken
prostitute, male  ap3    Lit. duck
pussy hAi1
   have sex with (her)  同(佢)做 tUng4 (köü3) dzou6    Lit. do it with her
sex fiend變態 bin3 tai3 (negative connotation)
she-male entertainer人妖 yAn4 yiu2 (often considered offensive)
sissy 乸型 la2 yIng4 (effeminate man)
sleep together上床 sœng5 tson4    Lit. go to bed
testicles 睪丸 gou1 yün2
tits bo1    Lit. balls
transgendered 跨性 kwa1 sIng3
transsexual 變性人 bin3 sIng3 yAn4
virgin 處女
tsü5 löü5 (female)
tsü5 lam4 (male)

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