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Religion, Spirituality and Beliefs

See also Holidays and Celebrations.

religion宗教 dzUng1 gau3
god (any deity) sAn4


Bible 聖經 sIng3 gIng1    Lit. holy scripture
Catholic 天主教徒 tin1 dzü2 gau3 tou4
Christian 基督徒 gei1 dUk1 tou4
Christianity 基督教 gei1 dUk1 gau3
Devil 魔鬼 mo1 gwAi2
God 天主 (Catholic) tin1 dzü2    Lit. heaven lord
上帝 (Protestant) sœng6 dAi3    Lit. supreme emperor
Jewish person  猶太教徒 yAu4 tai3 gau3 tou4
Judaism 猶太教 yAu4 tai3 gau3

Chinese and Eastern

ancestor worship bai3 dzou2 sin1
Buddha fAt6 dzou2
Buddhism 佛教 fAt6 gau3
Buddhist 佛教徒 fAt6 gau3 tou4
Chinese god worship bai3 sAn4
I Ching 易經 yIk6 gIng1    Lit. changes scripture
Guan Di
(Taoist god of war)
Guan Yin 觀音 gun1 yAm1
(Chinese Buddhistic prophet and goddess of childless women)
Tao Te Ching道德經 dou6 dAt1 gIng1    Lit. way-virtue scripture
Taoism道教 dou6 gau3
Taoist道教徒 dou6 gau3 tou4
Tian Hou 天后 tin1 hAu6    Lit. empress of the sky
(Chinese goddess of the sea and fishermen)




Cthulhu 鬼歹老海 gwAi2 dai2 lou5 hoi2
Wicca  巫術 mou4 söt6    Lit. witchcraft
witch 巫婆 mou4 po4

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