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Movies 戲劇

movie hei3 (MW: 齣 tsöt1, 部 bou6) [mnemonic] He cried "hey!" after a movie cassette fell on his head.
cinema 戲院 hei3 yün2
   English subtitles
dzi6 mok6
yIng1 mAn4 dzi6 mok6
tape dai2
ticket fei1 (MW: 張 dzœng1)


copy tsau1
record lUk6
rent dzou1
return wan4
rewind 返帶 fan1 dai2   Lit. tape back
watch tAi2


actor 演員 yin2 yün4
fan 影迷 yIng2 mAi4
movie star 明星 mIng4 sIng1 (MW: 個 go3)

Movie Genres

action movie 動作片 dUng6 dzok3 pin2
anime 動畫 dUng6 wa2
   Japanime 日本動畫 yAt6 bun2 dUng6 wa2
cartoon 卡通片 ka1 tUng1 pin2
comedy 笑片 siu3 pin2
foreign film 西片 sAi1 pin2   Lit. Western movie
gangster movie 警匪片 gIng2 fei2 pin2   Lit. cop-gangster movie
horror movie 鬼片 gwAi2 pin2   Lit. ghost movie

Movie Titles

Ashes of Time (1994) 東邪西毒 dUng1 tse4 sAi1 dUk6
Autumn's Tale, An (1987) 秋天的話 tsAu1 tin1 dIk1 tUng4 wa2
Better Tomorrow, A (1986)
Chinese Ghost Story, A (1987)
Chungking Express (1995) 重慶森林  chUng4 hIng3 sAm1 lAm4    Lit. Chungking Forest
Days of Being Wild (1990) 阿飛正傳 a3 fei1 dzIng3 dzün6    Lit. The True Story of a Hoodlum
Five Deadly Venoms (1978) 五毒 m5 dUk6
Fallen Angels (1995) 墮落天使 do6 lok6 tin1 se3
Fist of Legend (1994)
Happy Together (1997)
Hard-Boiled (1992)
In the Mood for Love (2000) 花樣年華 fa1 yœng6 lin4 wa4
Iron Monkey (1993)
Jackie Chan's Police Force (1985)
Killer, The (1989) 喋血雙雄 dip6 hüt3 sœng1 hUng4    Lit. Bloodshed of Two Heroes
Kung-Fu Soccer (2001) 少林足球 siu3 lAm4 dzUk1 kAu4
Legend of Drunken Master, The (2000)  醉拳II dzöü3 kün4 yi6    Lit. Drunken Boxing II
Once Upon a Time in China (1991) 黃飛鴻 won4 fei1 hUng4
Peking Opera Blues (1990) Lit. Knife Horse Dawn

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